What a hoot!

What a hoot! Free Download; Owl Lovers Calendar 2015. Yes you read that correctly; the Owl Lover 2015 Calendar is FREE and can be downloaded from My Owl Barn. This is the 5th Owl Lovers Calendar for you to customise and download to print for free. That’s right, nixt, nada. How is this possible? It’s a well […]

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4 days to go! – Product preview.

Some times we all need a little reminder to stop procrastinating and just get on with it! And this salvaged fabric wall art is an elegant way to remind yourself to stay true to your heart and follow those little voices that say “Go on, what are you waiting for?!” Whether mounted on a wall, […]

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Embrace You-nique.

So as I type this I’m feeling a little reflective and that is a good thing. This Summer has been full of sunshine and a total riot of colour and pattern, my journey into the World of surface pattern has opened up so many opportunities to create, share, connect and develop with

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