Past Modern: Reworked Classics

So I thought I’d share something I’ve been working on recently. Knowing when to stop noodling with a design is an art in itself…(I still want to lighten the background and place a bronze metallic foil over the hexagon. See!) The brief was set from a Summer School class I’m taking and uses a colour […]

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Sometimes your only transportation is a leap of faith…

It was a cold grey April day as I stood in the kitchen looking through the window at yet another rain heavy cloud, this winter had seen too much of that. And yet the depressing state out side could do little to change my quiet and reflective mood, just like the steam from my tea […]

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I’m not ready; but I’m doing it anyway…

So excited (and nervous!) to be joining the global talent search for the amazing Lilla Rogers and the World class judges she’s assembled to help her. Could there be anymore kudos than having Lilla Rogers represent you as an artist? I think not! Find out why I’m so excited here; Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search […]

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