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Alligator Mousse – feed your face! #1

Ok so confessions first; there aren’t any real alligators^ as a secret ingredient ready to snap off your fingers here (sorry to disappoint). The star of the show is in fact the alligator pear (Persea americana) or avocado to you and I. This nutrient dense super star fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals, folate, dietary fibre and healthy […]

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Love your leftovers!

Frozen Yogurt and Mincemeat Chocolate Bombe. Yep that’s right, show your Christmas left overs some love and you may be pleasantly surprised with the combinations… (or not…turkey ice cream?!) At least that’s what happened here. Usually a frozen dessert like this is made with softened ice cream, however my slight obsession with collecting Yeokens means […]

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A slice of home-made pie.

Who doesn’t like a slice of home-made pie with unctuous gravy oozing over it’s warm crust? This has fast become one of my favourites since making it last year for a friend and is often requested for Sunday lunch. Taken from a Lorraine Pascale recipe this Cranberry, Leek, Mushroom pie is a must, if nothing […]

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