Are schools killing creativity? 

​I have no doubt this has been posted many times, it has received over 41million views in the last 10 years.

And yet after today’s announcement to remove another non-STEM subject from the UK higher education system (A-level Archeology, no doubt because it doesn’t pull in the same level of funding) I feel the need to share it again.

Hypocritical of me one might say, as I currently make my living as an engineer; born out of an education system developed globally for the needs of industrialisation. However those that know me will also be aware of my desire to switch into the creative design field and cover the world in patterns.

Had I truly followed my heart, it’s where I would have started. Just like the disruptive little girl described in this video made to sit on her hands, turns out she was a dancer…

I truly believe both STEM and non STEM subjects are as valuable as each other in today’s world. We need both in order to keep balance “it’s our job to educate the whole person, not just the bit above the shoulders and slightly to one side”.
This really is worth the watch / listen, stick it on in the background while you make dinner and if you’re stuck for time start from about 7mins 30 in…so many fabulous and entertaining points about how globally we need to realign the focus and hierarchy of education. 
Are schools killing creativity? 

#archeology #stem #alevel #education #creativearts


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