Behind The Print

I just wanted to share this lovely video from Graham and Brown with you all; I can but dream that one day I’ll be able to work for companies like them – however what is really important for me, is the message that behind every print, canvas or wall paper – despite the fact it’s printed on a machine, there is a an artist or team of people spending hours, days, weeks creating the beautiful original artwork. That goes for any artist, not just Graham and Brown.

It’s another reason in my book, that buying copycat work is a huge no-no and just like in music, the support and credit should always go to the original artist or creator.

Who do you admire and what is it about their work that captures your imagination or emotions?


2 Comments on “Behind The Print

  1. This is a great video Kim and I stand by you in saying how people should really look deep that there’s a designer before every piece. I really admire the work of Johanna Basford she’s always been a illustrator in my field whose stood out to me. I stand in awe at her creative thought, imagination and pursuit to be different . I have a copy of her secure gardens book and just looking through the pages I can see her talent , time , effort and creative thought is crafted into each of her pages. Hope people see that in what we do to x kate

    • I can completely see why you admire her work, there is always a phenomenal amount of detail in it. I love art like that as you can submerse yourself in it for a while and I don’t know about you, I always find something new the next time I look! I like that, art that makes me keep coming back to look at it.

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