An easy mistake to make?!


Erm, I’m not really sure I’m about to write this out loud in the public domain.

I have unwittingly just poured the contents of the bottle on the left all over my veg for dinner instead of the contents of the bottle on  the right…
So a warning to fellow absent minded folk;

Beware a multitude of green bottles in your cupboard even if they are different shapes and shades of green…

(And clearly labelled).


5 Comments on “An easy mistake to make?!

  1. Did it taste good though that is the question ? 🙂 I love the elderflower drink but mostly buy it so i look like a classy inky lady with a glass bottle drink rather than a plastic bottle of coke lol x kate

    • Luckily I managed to pour alot of it off and replace with olive oil, it did have an interesting tang though! Glass is good! Plastic bottles contain something called BPA which isn’t pleasant and can leach into the liquid. So maintain class with glass! (Ooo I like that!) X

      • “Maintain class with glass!” You so have to copyright that. I just have to tell you what you did here in this post (and I loved that you admitted it in a public domain!) was a lot better than mistaking a tube of Colgate toothpaste with a tube of Preparation H. Yeah. Not good.

      • Heheh! Can you really copyright a slogan?! I may just have an idea for my next piece of wall art, thanks ladies 🙂 Oh my goodness, toothpaste vs cream in a tube for other places…mind you, could have been interesting if you’d got it mixed up the other way round, “Foaming in places other toothpastes can’t reach”… 😉 x

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