Embrace You-nique.

So as I type this I’m feeling a little reflective and that is a good thing.

This Summer has been full of sunshine and a total riot of colour and pattern, my journey into the World of surface pattern has opened up so many opportunities to create, share, connect and develop with  so many  other fellow creatives. If you had asked me in March what I thought Summer would entail I wouldn’t have said painting Flamingos…(more on that here).



So when the opportunity presented itself to enter one of the most prestigious competitions in the surface pattern world, despite not feeling ready, I decided to enter anyway and I’m so glad I did.

Being part of the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014 meant I was included in 999 entries from all over the globe and every single piece of work was viewed by a world class buyer. Every compliant submission is displayed on Lilla’s website and you can see them & mine in the gallery here. The brief was to design a piece of wall art with specific dimensions that could be suitable for adults or children with the theme of “Little Terrariums”. A “painterly” style was recommended, it must include at least one hand drawn word and it had an unlimited colour palette. I was instantly thrown back to the 70’s!


Of the 999 submissions 50 were selected for the next round and added to this gallery and they are stunning, you really should take a look and view the video from Lilla giving helpful info on what she was looking for and why.  I was amazed by how many different interpretations of the same brief there were, it was amazing to watch!

Just by looking at them I can see where I would need to improve what I submitted. (Whilst the brief said hand drawn, I’d improve some of the lettering. As my brother-in-law said

“Typography can make or break a design…”

and he should know, he designs for Pentel). It’s an area I know little about and will need to learn.

Whilst my entry didn’t make it through this time round I learnt sooooo much from just being involved in the process, you can’t buy experience, you just have to throw yourself in! And I’m really pleased with it!


I wanted something that would appeal to both men and women, wasn’t too girly and captured all the colours of the unique plants and succulents that grow in terrariums.

So I set about sketching and colouring plants and glass with watercolours and pencils, creating individual motifs that were then scanned into the computer and manipulated in Photoshop, to get the final piece together.


This whole process has taught me it’s okay to be you, let your own style shine through and try not to compare yourself to others out there. Lilla says

“People buy your joy”

and it’s true, something I’ve poured my heart and soul into definitely gets the best reactions opposed to something that’s been thrown together in a hurry, Frankie Andrea van Mourik from I Love Pattern sums this up beautifully.

Kristie Banham from Rourke and Henry has already mocked hers up onto products and has them available for sale. I’d love to see my designs out there brightening up people’s lives so I’m going to work on a collection and give selling them myself a go – why not?! It’s one way of getting your work out there…I’ve got so many ideas now just from this one process.

The Mellow ground Makery is undergoing a makeover as you may have read here before and I’ve just dreamed up a terrarium themed project to go with that funky wallpaper for when it’s complete 🙂

So whatever it is you do for a living, hobby or past-time, take your passions and all those little nuances that makes you, YOU and inject it into your life & projects. You’ll see such a difference.

Embrace YOU-nique.

X ❤ X


All photos and artwork are © copyright of Mellow Ground and Kimberley Wilson 2014.


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