Would you like a cuff?


250m of light grey cotton thread, some antique grey fabric dye, water soluble backing, 4 hours of time, a little hand sewing, some love and 12″ of ribbon later – here she is!

For those amongst my lovely Mellowings who follow Mellow Ground on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen a little video snippet of this lace cuff being stitched out followed by (me getting my hands mucky) partially dying it to add some tone, depth and a little ombre touch to the finished piece.

I was inspired to make this for a family member’s birthday when I came across and fell in love with the designs on Urban Threads. They have some fantastic designs to purchase and download that make embroidery edgy rather than twee. One of the things that totally sets them apart for me, besides the great designs, is their licensing policy that means once one has purchased the design, you can actually sell that item or something you’ve made with it. They have some great tutorials and inspiration too.


Like it? You don’t have to have an embroidery machine to make yourself some lace jewellery – why not scour the charity shops and up-cycle some pre-loved doilies or scarves? (Do ask Gran first before taking your scissors to her net curtains…). Find a part of the pattern you like, cut it free and dye with veggie dyes to your desired colour. You can add ribbon, earring hooks, little sparkly embellishments and adorn your wardrobe and earlobes with homemade gorgeousness.

wpid-img_20140825_102407.jpg*Important note #1 > If you intend to add dye to your piece make sure it’s made from cotton, anything else (like polyester or rayon) will resist the dye.

 * Important note #2 > if you’re dying your fabric by hand – do make sure to wear rubber gloves and do it on a non porous surface, unless you happen to like your chosen colour ALOT..otherwise you’ll be permanently colouring everything in sight!

One day I hope to be stitching out my own designs for surface patterns and fabric *dreaming*.

I would love to see what you create and what items you jazz up so please do share your pics with Mellow Ground on Facebook or Instagram with #mellowgroundmakery or alternatively if you’d like a cuff …(one made for you that is!) or anything else from Urban Thread’s collections just drop me a message using the little envelope above 🙂

x ❤ x


2 Comments on “Would you like a cuff?

    • Thank you Jessie! I can’t claim full credit as I downloaded the designs from Urban Threads but it got me thinking that anyone could achieve a similar look by upcycling preloved lace 🙂 Let me know if you have a go!

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