I’m not ready; but I’m doing it anyway…

So excited (and nervous!) to be joining the global talent search for the amazing Lilla Rogers and the World class judges she’s assembled to help her.

Could there be anymore kudos than having Lilla Rogers represent you as an artist? I think not!
Find out why I’m so excited here;

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Dreams hardly ever come true by sheer luck alone (although it can help) it takes grit, determination and lots and lots of hard work, self doubt and tears.
So whilst I feel far from ready and it’s going to be challenging, I’m going to do this anyway!


8 Comments on “I’m not ready; but I’m doing it anyway…

  1. Wahoooo so chuffed your going for it! I’m a little unsure whether to enter myself but you are absolutely right it does take sheer determination , sweat, late nights, lack of sleep , doubt and tears but all that effort will take you far so long as you keep your eye on the goal 🙂 x kate

    • Honestly Kate I feel soooo far from ready as I’ve only just completed my first foray into Surface Pattern design and illustration. Having just sign up for design Summer School too I’m wondering if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!
      Still, that’s one way of rapidly expanding my portfolio…thanks for stopping by ♡

      • awwww Kim you’ll be fine ! just don’t over think it and just immerse in the experience 🙂 x Is your other course an online course your studying ? I noticed through your blog your very much into eco and green products and stuff like that me to 🙂 x

      • Yes it’s the Rachael Taylor Surface Pattern one. Oh most definitely Kate, ever since I was a teen and couldn’t bare the aerosol filled changing rooms at school have I looked for much more friendly products. I’m sure my parents thought I was going to run off with Greenpeace 🙂 Do you have a favourite? I love Dr Organic and Ecover 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda! Honestly? Neither am I! I’m sure I have no chance of getting through considering over 15,000 people entered last year but I’m up for learning what I can 🙂 Can’t wait to see some of your Mandalas in designs, they’re gorgeous! ♡

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