The Makery makeover; Sneaky Peek


Having managed to hang 2 pieces of full length wallpaper without sticking myself to the wall as well, I’m feeling rather pleased with how it dried over night – so here’s a sneaky peek before thefull reveal when the room is finished.

TOP TIPS for wallpapering;

1. Preparation! Good clean smooth walls are essential if you want your paper to stick without anything bulging through from underneath and ruining the finished look.

2. Use the right adhesive for your paper, read the label to see if the paper needs pasting or the wall.

3. If it says to paste the paper DO NOT skip the bit where it instructs to soak for 5mins; your paper will be expanding as it soaks up the paste. This is important to make it pliable so you can slide it round the wall into the right position.

4. Hang the paper vertically using a plumb line (a weight on a string) for the first length, walls and doors aren’t always straight, so don’t use them as a guide.


5. I had to fold my paper in (just under) half, paste sides together, so I could move it round the room and up the ladder. *Avoid creasing the paper*. Stick the top to the wall then gently peel out from under itself before smoothing down and trimming to length.

6. Clean, wipe, clean, wipe, repeat! Remove any excess paste that spills out onto the paper surface or on to your pasting table immediately with a clean damp sponge. Adhesives can ruin the surface of some papers. (And we’re sticking it to the wall here, not the table, or yourself…easier said than done!).

7. Know which way up your repeat is and how far down the drop it is. Mine is a 53cm drop pattern repeat, so I will lose this much off every length I hang. (Useful for calculating how many rolls you’ll need).


8. Butt joint subsequent lengths up to the previous length and avoid overlaps.

9. Smooth out gently using a paper hanging brush, work from the centre outwards to expel any air bubbles.

10. Allow to dry naturally (no central heating), probably overnight is best. As the paste dries the paper will pull tight to the wall.

Et voila! 🙂


3 Comments on “The Makery makeover; Sneaky Peek

  1. This is looking beautiful kim 😀 I’d love to have my own wallpaper but its so expensive 😦 however I have a really inky idea of how to make my own hehe 🙂 can’t wait to see your makery all finished x kate

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