Settling in…Meet Marmite

My name is Marmite, I am an 8 yr old Jack Russell and I LOVE chasing balls...(and chewing cushions, shhh!)

My name is Marmite, I am an 8 yr old Jack Russell, I LOVE chasing balls…(and chewing cushions, shhh!)

Mellow Ground has a new resident!

Meet Marmite… we’ve been quiet on the airwaves, helping him settle in to his new home, new surroundings and learning new rules and routines. This gorgeous bundle of fur will be joining us on all our ambles and rambles and no doubt that inquisitive snout will be helping out in our Mellow Ground Makery projects in pure doggy style.

And for our first joint sewing project we give you………………………chewed cushion!

New sewing project courtesy of Marmite the wonder dog.


Mellow Ground: So it’s been a few weeks, how are you settling in?

Marmite: So far I’ve been to a birthday party, band practise, a pub in Cirencester, lots of walks (rainy ones) the tip, grannies house (I got a biscuit), Emma’s house (I got a  crisp) and running with Gramps and uncle Anj.

Mellow Ground: When not chewing cushions what are your favourite things about being here?

Marmite: Long walks, chasing rabbits in my sleep, I LOVE my yellow bouncy rubber ball – it has a bell in it you see – lots of cuddles, my yellow rubber ball, peanut butter, tug of war, my yellow rubber ball, a sneaky sit on the sofa (I’m not really allowed) and did I mention I LOVE my yellow rubber ball? I did? Oh. It has a bell in it you see… 🙂

More adventures soon!

I love tug of war (and my yellow rubber ball...)

I love tug of war (and my yellow rubber ball…)


3 Comments on “Settling in…Meet Marmite

    • Thank you ladies 🙂 The weekend is approaching so we’ll be off out exploring. Will be sure to grab Marmite for his views on life this week. (After he’s had a snooze of course…) ♡

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