Love your leftovers!

Frozen Yogurt & Mincemeat Bombe

Frozen Yogurt and Mincemeat Chocolate Bombe.

Yep that’s right, show your Christmas left overs some love and you may be pleasantly surprised with the combinations…

(or not…turkey ice cream?!)

At least that’s what happened here. Usually a frozen dessert like this is made with softened ice cream, however my slight obsession with collecting Yeokens means that there are copious amounts of “Yeogurt” in the fridge and a pile of upcycling for the empty containers (that’s a whole other post another time…).

Who has a jar of leftover mincemeat that before long will end up lurking around in dark corners of a cupboard? Well, me for one.

Because let’s face it, after you’ve tried your own, eaten one at every house you’ve stopped at (smiling sweetly and cooing as if it’s the first one you’ve had all festive season) and received some as a gift; there are only soooo many Mince Pies one can eat before even just the thought of forcing another one passed your lips again, is all too soon and makes your stomach groan. So let’s not waste our left overs, let’s love them and try something different.

ingredients bombe After replacing the ice cream in this recipe with yogurt and adding the jar of (slightly boozy) Mincemeat – this is very pleasant change for the taste buds and much lighter. The tang from the yogurt cuts through any sweetness beautifully, as does any alcohol you may choose to add.bombe equip


Your cupboards will thank you too.

TIP: If there is a bit of Christmas cake hiding in a box you could crumble up a handful and add to the bombe mixture too. Have fun with this, rummage in the cupboards, biscuit tin or fridge and see what else you could add.

bombe decoration

The particular mincemeat I had was laced with Brandy and Port and really contributed to the overall flavour. If your mincemeat is plain and you fancy a boozy punch then add a shot of either Rum, Brandy or Port. Of course, you don’t have to have alcohol in yours at all.

Quick note on 0% fat anything – if you’re going to freeze it, you’ll have to break it up regularly with a fork during the freezing process. Because it will have a higher water content than products with fat, large ice crystals will form and the end result won’t be smooth and creamy. This won’t be practical with smaller moulds so to get round it you can do what I’ve done here and split it 50/50 and add something with a higher fat content, I’ve opted for Greek yogurt because that’s what I had, but you could use a natural yogurt, softened ice cream or even cream if you’re feeling decadent!

yogurt bombe

Mould bombe


Put your yogurt filled mould into the freezer for 4-6 hours – overnight for the pudding basin due to its volume.Melt Chocolate


Frozen? Good. At this point you need to remove your tray and silicon mould or pudding basin from the freezer and turn the frozen yogurt mixture out onto the tray. Pop it back in the freezer for a bit to keep it hard.


Measure the mould up one side, across the base and back down the other side. This is the diameter size that you will need to cut your wax paper template to. Mine was 14cm. Lay it on a work surface and cover with enough cling film (plastic wrap) to allow a good border for handling later. See the pic below.

I prefer the old fashioned way of melting chocolate over a pan of gentle steaming water. I find I can control it better that way (and there are no microwave ovens at Mellow Ground, we no likey). Once it’s steaming nicely, place the bowl over the pan, turn the heat off and let the bashed up chocolate melt slowly. No stirring, no fiddling or poking, just patience. Help big bits by pushing them under the melted layer and then walk away. The steam from under the bowl will keep it warm enough to work with, if it starts to harden off the heat you can gently reheat it. As it says in the picture note, if your water boils, gets too hot or splashes into your chocolate, it will seize into a big unworkable lump.

chocolate wrap bombe

Remove Frozen Bombe(s) from freezer. Carefully lift up your melted chocolate covered cling film and starting chocolate edge to bombe edge, lay it CHOCOLATE SIDE DOWN over your frozen bombe(s). Starting at the top press gently onto the frozen bombe, right the way round the sides to  the bottom. Pop them (it) back into the freezer to harden. Repeat for as many bombes as you are making.

Cling wrap bombe

You’ll need to turn the bombe(s) out onto their serving plates about 20-30mins before serving as they will be rock hard and unless you want them to become flying objects when you try to put your blunt spoon into them, it’s a good idea to let them soften a little.

After about 10mins you should be able to gently peel the clingfilm off without it tearing from being frozen or sticking to the chocolate (otherwise you or your guests could be chewing for quite some time!)

In the meantime prepare any decorations you want to add. I used some bashed up legendary ginger biscuits from Mother Hen for around the base and some gorgeous candied pecans gifted to Mellow Ground as part of a beautiful hand made Christmas hamper from the talented lady behind Sola Photography, who does more than just take stunning pictures.

If you use seasonal foliage / flowers do take care to make sure they’re not toxic in anyway! Even if they aren’t to be consumed you don’t want any nasties on your lovely grub.

Serving suggestion bombe.png


By now your bombe(s) should be loosing their frosty white jackets and waiting for you to crack your spoon into them…


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