Collect Yeokens (for money off lovely things).

Yeo Valley

How many Yeokens have you got?

The more you collect, the more offers you get for money off lovely things…

…From gorgeous hand iced biscuits, magazine subscriptions, food offers, furniture and crockery…

wpid-storagesdcard0PhotoEditor2013-12-16-21.01.53.png.pngYeo Valley reside in Blagdon, North Somerset, just outside a 50 mile radius from Mellow Ground and they’ve been running a family dairy there since 1961 in the beautiful valley. (You really should pay a visit). They love their land as much as their cows. Proper land husbandry, the way it should be.

Here’s how it works; When you buy from the range of promotional products you’ll be given a code under the lid or on the label – (how many of us go to the websites and plug those codes in to see what’s on offer?!). It’s worth it as this is a little gem. It’s a lovely website with so much to do, ideas, information, collaborations, events, tips n tricks, competitions to win cottage breaks, books, ideas for the children etc.

So, 20 Yeokens (that’s 2 x 500g yogurt pots for example) will get you discount off a variety of selected products. Yeo ValleyFor every 20 Yeokens you collect you’ll receive another offer to exchange your Yeokens for. You can also collect Yeokens by playing the “Fruit Machine” (which for the month of December has changed into a ski jumping cow…); By submitting recipes, Jokes- “Yeokes” – normally involving cows

The website  keeps a running total for you so you know how many you need to collect for your next offer. So by the time you’ve been through Yeogurt, milk, ice cream, chanced your arm on the fruit machine/ski jump and whipped up some cream and buttered your toast you’ll be collecting and exchanging Yeokens for gorgeous things in no time!


We’ve been doing great taste the right way here in this Somerset valley for 50 years, and we’re 100% Yeoganic.
Yeoganic is our way of being organic and a little bit more – going the extra country mile to look after the land, our animals and people. Someone once told us that the top six inches of soil supports all life on land. That makes us think that we really need to look after it.


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