Edible Art

Make a cup of your favourite brew, pick your favourite chair and get comfortable;

You’re in for a real Sweet Treat.

Last year, around this time my current work contract was coming to an end and it was a while before the next was due to start.

Knowing only too well that idle hands and minds can be dangerous I threw myself into something I’d been missing during the busy period away from home, baking.

I’d missed the grounding therapeutic satisfaction of creating something with my hands, never mind the lustrous smells wafting tantalisingly around the house from the Mellow Ground Makery.

And just like you now, in your chair, curled up with a cuppa, I came across a remarkably talented young lady whose art translates into her baking.


Sweet Ambs Website

Drawn in by the hypnotic flow of her piping to a backdrop of classical music I was mesmerised, hooked and inspired. Inspired to have a go myself. And that’s what I did, so to everyone who knows me and got iced Christmas Cookies as part of your gift last year, now you know why!

So before I share my attempt with you – Sit back and allow yourself a little escapism…


Now my attempt at creating something with half the perfection and finish of Amber’s was never going to be any match, but that’s not the point at all – the whole idea is just to have a go – after all who doesn’t like making a bit of a mess now and then?! Especially when the best way of clearing up is to eat the results…

So, under guidance from Amber’s online tutorials and soothing music, this is how I made the Reindeer. Amber uses a scribe to move the flood icing around into position – I’ve found a large hat or dressmaking pin works just as well.

TIP; be careful not to scratch up the dried flood icing underneath if you don’t want a lumpy Reindeer!

Head on over to Amber’s Website for online easy to follow tutorials on making Royal Icing,  How to flood-ice a biscuit, the smooth finish of the Wet on Wet technique (so mesmerising!) many other great tips and there’s even a collaborative giveaway going on. Get Involved!

I’ll leave you with some of my favourite pieces from the SweetAmbs Collection in which I hope you find some inspiration to have a go.
Where else are you drawing inspiration from? Teacups? Plates? A Winter walk? A treasured keepsake?
Please do post your pics on the Mellow Ground Facebook page, I’d love to see them! And I’m sure Amber would too.

Sweet Ambs Xmas SweetAmbs Beach

SweetAmbsBee2 SweetAmbs Bee

SweetAmbs painted SweetAmbs Quilt



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