EU Seed Directive -4th December Deadline

EU Seed Directive -4th December Deadline

Using a chainsaw to crack a nutBen Raskin, Soil Association

And why this matters to you…

This makes us sad; to think that 3 large corporations who already own 53% of the WORLD’S seed markets could potentially own more, controlling what varieties of seeds, plants, crops, fruit and vegetables are available to us, the general population.

Bee MGIf indeed as the Soil Association suspects,  by imposing a huge administrative and cost burden, the small and medium producers are forced out of business and the local bio diversity suffers, we’re left wondering exactly what that will do to our food diversity, wildlife and really importantly our pollinating insects, on whom we and a lot of plants and fruit/veg depend for reproduction and produce.

Let’s say in one particular Summer, it’s extremely hot or very wet (as British Summers are becoming) and a certain type of flower or crop fail; with a large range of seed varieties to choose from our producers will continue to have the option of choosing varieties best suited to their regions, soils and climates and there is a reduction in the chance of total crop failure leaving us and our pollinators with something else to feed on. You can read more about this on Ben’s Blog.

What happens if that choice has been minimalised? Another question that comes to mind is with limited seed stock, are we limiting our nutritional intake, from just a few varieties as opposed to a broad spectrum of micronutrients and compounds?

Then there’s the question of breeding from plants and collecting seed from fruit, veg and flowers. If it’s owned by 3 large global corporations does that mean “Fred” on his allotment, who has always followed traditional methods of horticulture and land management, is infringing on ownership and copyrights?!Allotment MG

We’re a bit nervous about where all this will lead…and would love to hear your thoughts. Or perhaps you work in the field (every pun intended!) and can shed some light on the elusive answers to the questions posed?

If you want to help change the law you can write to the Members of European Parliament in the Soil Association link below.

Soil Association;

“Help us to fight the EU seed law! The new EU Seed Directive could lead to a loss of biodiversity and a threat to small and medium scale producers – meaning more consolidation of the global seed market in the hands of just three corporations – who already own 53% of the worlds seed market. The new proposal is intended to make the current regulations more efficient and increase biodiversity. However we think they will do the opposite – the new laws will drive small and medium sized seed suppliers out of the market, reduce the range of seed varieties available to amateur and professional growers alike, and give more power to the big seed companies. Write to the MEPs who can change this law here.”


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