Are schools killing creativity? 

​I have no doubt this has been posted many times, it has received over 41million views in the last 10 years.

And yet after today’s announcement to remove another non-STEM subject from the UK higher education system (A-level Archeology, no doubt because it doesn’t pull in the same level of funding) I feel the need to share it again.

Hypocritical of me one might say, as I currently make my living as an engineer; born out of an education system developed globally for the needs of industrialisation. However those that know me will also be aware of my desire to switch into the creative design field and cover the world in patterns.

Had I truly followed my heart, it’s where I would have started. Just like the disruptive little girl described in this video made to sit on her hands, turns out she was a dancer…

I truly believe both STEM and non STEM subjects are as valuable as each other in today’s world. We need both in order to keep balance “it’s our job to educate the whole person, not just the bit above the shoulders and slightly to one side”.
This really is worth the watch / listen, stick it on in the background while you make dinner and if you’re stuck for time start from about 7mins 30 in…so many fabulous and entertaining points about how globally we need to realign the focus and hierarchy of education. 
Are schools killing creativity? 

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Down the Rabbit hole with the Wrong Shoes

Follow Alice through the rabbit hole and discover the fantastical world of Wonderland…

During the Purton Farm Christmas fayre last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of meeting 3 lovely and talented ladies from Swindon’s ArtSite.

I was (and still am) totally thrilled to bits that they asked if I would be interested in exhibiting some of my Alice in Wonderland stitched wall art canvases at an exhibition they’re hosting with the Wrong Shoes Theatre Company ‘s ” Mad Hatter’s tea party “ at the Shoebox Theatre in Swindon on the 12th of December 2015 between 11am and 3pm.

Do go along for storytelling, arts and crafts and flamingo croquet. All ages are welcome and entry is FREE!

Follow Alice through the rabbit hole and discover the fantastical world of Wonderland…

Mellow Ground Christmas Pop up Shop

Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland inspired box canvases I’ll have on display with Artsite.

Mellow Ground embroidered ans stitched art Exhibition with the Wrong Shoes theatre Company from Shoebox theatre and ArtSite Swindon. 12th December 2015Mellow Ground; Pop Up Shop; embroidery; sewing; upcycled; stitch; exhibition; ArtSite, Swindon, The Wrong Shoes Theatre Company; Alice in Wonderland; rabbit hole; mad hatter's tea party; wall art; quotes

Alice in Wonderland - Down the rabbit hole with the Wrong Shoes theatre company: 12th December 2015 - Shoebox theatre - Swindon

Down the rabbit hole with the Wrong Shoes theatre company: 12th December 2015 – Shoebox theatre – Swindon.  Arts, crafts with Swindon’s ArtSite at Number 9 gallery.

So a quick recap, there’s lots going on in Theatre Square on Saturday: As well as the Wrong Shoes ‘The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’, story-telling and flamingo croquet, Artsite will also be hosting an ‘Alice Inspired Art Exhibition’ (11am-3pm) at the Number 9 Shop and Gallery opposite the Shoebox Theatre, so make your way over to Theatre Square (by the Wyvern).

Need a map? You got it!

Don’t forget to share your pictures on social media @mellowground with #mellowground and show everyone what you got up to!

Flamingo croquet anyone?

Hand Felted Soaps ~ Lather me Up!

Perfect gifts for gardeners, mechanics, painters and grubby little mitts these hand-felted soap bars are wrapped in 100% wool roving to create a soap & gently exfoliating wash cloth all in one. Of course they’ll look just as stylish on your own sink if you can’t bear to part with them once you’ve tried them!

Wool has natural anti fungal properties & will retain it’s freshness as long as any excess water is squeezed out after each use. It will continue to felt and shrink down with the soap as you use it, leaving you with a handy little sink-side “scrubby” afterwards.

Do you know what we love most about these hand-felted soaps? The addition of the felt helps create an extra sudsy lather and helps your soap to last just that bit longer, perfect for replacing those plastic “body-puffs” that everyone showers with these days – the less plastic we use the better for our planet.

About the soap: we’ve used Faith in Nature Organic Pure Hand Soaps as the base to these felted soaps – here’s the ingredients.

Share your pictures on social media @mellowground with #mellowground and show everyone how you used yours!

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On Dancer!

They’re back! These articulated lace reindeer were such a hit last year. They will look just as gorgeous dashing across the sky as they will prancing round your Christmas tree.  Or perhaps wrap them around a napkin for a dinner setting; they also work brilliantly as a bookmark and fit perfectly inside greetings cards for little gifts, to let people know you’re thinking about them across the miles.

Share your pictures on social media @mellowground with #mellowground and show everyone how creative you got with yours!

Mellow Ground Christmas Pop up Shop embroidery

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each Reindeer contains 20,422  stitches and takes 1 hour 30 mins to make and finish by hand. Read More

Made by Hand: You’d better LOVE it!

You’ve been busy getting your crafty tush on in time for the festive season; what better way to let your friends and loved ones know that they had better appreciate all your hard work, sticky fingers and messy glitter drenched tables, than with one of these hand made, stitched labels?

And if you’re planning to totally FAKE it with a pre-bought gift and pass it off as your own creation, these gorgeous festive labels will give it that authentic touch when it’s all wrapped up. (It’s okay, your secret’s safe with us…shhhhh!).Mellow Ground Christmas Pop up Shop

Do you know what we love most about these labels? Unlike single use cardboard tags these beauties can be used again and again at any time of the year to adorn your gifts.

Share your pictures on social media @mellowground with #mellowground and show everyone how creative you got with yours!

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Launch Party! – Have you RSVP’d yet?

Mellow Ground is super excited to be going to the ethical* fabric launch of Offset Warehouse in Fabrications North London this week – and so could you!

*animal cruelty free, azo free, certified organic, fairtrade, low impact dyes, low water, low energy, no genetically modified crops, recycled.

All you have to do is RSVP using the links included above or below – simples! Wanna know who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with?

Here are a few words and some information from Charlie – the founder of Offset Warehouse who started all this loveliness in the first place;

“Are You Coming To Our Party?

We can’t wait to see you at our party next Thursday 3rd September! Join us for a few bubbles, a little crafting and, of course, the chance for a real-life perusal of our fabrics.


Who’s Coming?

We are SO excited to be welcoming fashion designers, sewing celebs, pattern makers, journalist, some of our favourite bloggers and loads more! You’d be nuts not to join.Ok, ok. Here’s a little teaser of who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with…
click on the images and find out all about them!

House of Pinheiro
Sewing blogger extraordinaire, she’s my go-to girl for fashionable makes and the latest patterns. She can whizz up an entire look in an evening! That’s some nifty work.
The Green Thimble
“I recognise her” I hear you say! It’s only Tamara, a finalist in the Great British Sewing Bee 2014! She has an awesome blog and is now part of a new craft tv channel!
Poppy Loves
A stunning London lifestyle blog, featuring events, cafes and restaurants, fashion, music, art and design. Ideal for inspiring a bank holiday weekend – I could browse for days.
Contemporary garments you can make at home.  But before you say “patterns” – there are none! The instructions remove the need for complex sewing patterns… ingenious!
What Katie Sews        
What Katie Sews
Jam packed with incredible, wearable makes. A fantastic blog for discovering the latest, no-fuss patterns. Katie proves that you really can make a wardrobe you can wear everyday.
By Hand London        
By Hand London
An independent sewing pattern label, set up and run by three awesome gals. They update classic silhouettes, and make pretty things we want to keep in our wardrobes and on ourselves!
Franki Campbell        
Franki Campbell
Creative pattern cutter and regular contributor to the Offset Warehouse blogs, Franki translates design illustrations and ideas into three dimensional garments. Zero waste design is also majorly her thing!
Ahh another face you recognise? Another Great British Sewing Bee contestant! As well as contributing to our blog (how smug are we!) Sewrendipity features many eco fabrics and sustainable practices in her work.
A Alicia        
A Alicia
Blogger A Alicia (you may have also come across her in Mollie Makes) is also a designer and creates the most beautiful, ethical ceramic based jewellery, buttons and home accessories you’ve ever seen!
Made In Home        
Made In Home
A gorgeous showcase of hand-made goodies with a clean, Scandinavian feel. Nat will be wearing a piece made from our very own fabric that has taken her weeks to embroider …so be sure you compliment her on it!
Suzie London        
Suzie London
Did someone say ‘the cutest espadrilles ever?!’ Well she does more than those my friend! Meet Suzie London, the retro inspired Dutch / Aussie designer who makes all her cool, quirky creations right here in London. If you like pineapples and vintage prints, she’s your girl.
Kat and Monocle        
The Kat & Monocle
Hand drawn design concepts for fashion, home and giftware. With a background in high street retail, this textile designer broke free to start her own business offering ‘fine, honest goods, that make people smile’. (She’s also got 10% off this weekend – so get that darn plate!!)
Handmade Jane
An incredible blog documenting one woman’s sewing love affair. From humble a-line skirt beginnings, every sewing win (and disaster) has been documented. Weak spots include red, blue, gingham, retro, polkadots (excuse the pun), oh, and cherries!

Hoity Toity        

The most beautiful quintessentially British, organic girls clothing using ethically sourced materials. You may have come across their recent interview. Most importantly.. they’re having a SALE! Grab those beauties before they sell out!

I told you! Now what are you waiting for…
Already going?
Tweet Us!
Any further questions, please get in touch: “

Copyright © 2015 Offset Warehouse, All rights reserved.

Past Modern: Reworked Classics


So I thought I’d share something I’ve been working on recently.
Knowing when to stop noodling with a design is an art in itself…(I still want to lighten the background and place a bronze metallic foil over the hexagon. See!)
The brief was set from a Summer School class I’m taking and uses a colour palette I wouldn’t normally be drawn to, but it’s good to step outside your box once in a while!
The Mega trend is Past Modern and the theme is Reworked Classics so I loosely based mine on old tiles and lace.
It always amazes me how designers come up with so many interpretations of the exact same brief and colour palette, just another reason I love design!
You can see other designers ideas here

I’ll go back and rework the design and create some new ones with other motifs I drew now I have a bit more time and the leisure of no deadline to work to this time round!

Patterns in nature.

Cornus Kousa – flowering dogwood, without doubt one of my all time favourite flowering small trees at Westonbirt Arboretum.
Those white papery, mosaic upright bracts surround a tiny ball of flowers that eventually become pink strawberries, hence why this tree is also known as the Japanese Strawberry tree.
So many patterns in nature, and there’s no such thing as a colour clash!


#lovetrees #lovenature #pattern #inspiration #oneplanet

Hap-bee Easter

For anyone that knows Mellow Ground you’ll know that we’re not just made keen on pretty patterns and fabrics.
Nature, in particular bees and other pollinators is another huge love…these little critters need our help so why not give this a go over Easter break and make them some where lovely to stay.
All you need is an old food can and  Read More

What a hoot!

What a hoot!

Free Download; Owl Lovers Calendar 2015.

Yes you read that correctly; the Owl Lover 2015 Calendar is FREE and can be downloaded from My Owl Barn. This is the 5th Owl Lovers Calendar for you to customise and download to print for free. That’s right, nixt, nada.

How is this possible? It’s a well supported collaborative project between Shivani of My Owl Barn and 46 artists from all around the World. They wrote to me to ask if I’d consider sharing this with Mellow Ground’s readers, how could I refuse to share such gorgeous, collaborative artwork? Especially after last year’s 2014 calendar proved such a hit with you all.
Read More

Behind The Print

I just wanted to share this lovely video from Graham and Brown with you all; I can but dream that one day I’ll be able to work for companies like them – however what is really important for me, is the message that behind every print, canvas or wall paper – despite the fact it’s printed on a machine, there is a an artist or team of people spending hours, days, weeks creating the beautiful original artwork. That goes for any artist, not just Graham and Brown.

It’s another reason in my book, that buying copycat work is a huge no-no and just like in music, the support and credit should always go to the original artist or creator.

Who do you admire and what is it about their work that captures your imagination or emotions?

4 days to go! – Product preview.

Some times we all need a little reminder to stop procrastinating and just get on with it! And this salvaged fabric wall art is an elegant way to remind yourself to stay true to your heart and follow those little voices that say “Go on, what are you waiting for?!”

Whether mounted on a wall, placed on a sideboard or in an office, this is a subtle affirmation in believing in yourself (and looking a teensy bit fabulous too). Read More

6 days to go! – Product preview.

These articulated lace reindeer will look just as gorgeous dashing across the sky as they will prancing round your Christmas tree.  Or perhaps wrap them around a napkin for a dinner setting; they also work just as well as a bookmark and fit perfectly inside greetings cards for little gifts, to let people know you’re thinking about them across the miles.

Share your pictures on social media with  #mellowground and show everyone how creative you got with yours!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each Reindeer contains 20,422  stitches and takes 1 hour 30 mins to make and finish by hand. Read More

7 days to go! – Product preview.


These helpful little fellas will keep your position in a book safe until you’re ready to return to it. Each birdie bookmark is embroidered with organic 50 weight cotton in a variety of colours to brighten up any readers day. Perfect for little gifts or sending inside greetings cards.


Each bird contains over 10,000 stitches! To see some more birdie bookmark  pictures follow @mellowground on Instagram

*In the spirit of eco friendliness we encourage you to bring your own bag (BYOBag!) on the day.*

If you’d like to know more about why I use Organic cotton you can read up on that here and here. Have you cottoned on yet?! Read More

8 days to go! – Product preview.

Now I know these fellas wouldn’t normally meet up seeing as they are usually poles apart, however at Christmas they’ve come together to help spread a little cheer and brighten up the post festivities washing up. Because let’s face it, even if you have a dishwasher, you’re never going to get ALL those pots and pans in are you? (Unless you’re feeling decidedly determined and if you’ve got that much energy after Christmas lunch, I take my hat off to you!).

wpid-screenshot_2014-12-12-15-31-44_1.jpgThese organic cotton tea towels have been embroidered with OEKO-TEX Certified Maderia thread (Which means there is no nasty chemical residue from the manufacturing process left in the thread) and Organic cotton.

If you’d like to know more about why I use Organic cotton you can read up on that here and here. Have you cottoned on yet?! Read More


ANNOUNCEMENT! So excited (and slightly terrified) to finally be able to share this with you…Mellow Ground will be hosting its first ever POP UP SHOP on the 20th December at VuDu Coffee Shop in Swindon!

MG singleWith their extremely kind permission, Mellow Ground will be having a studio sale from 9am – 5pm where you can come and see all those things I’ve been crazily stitching out and pick up something a little out of the ordinary for a last minute Christmas gift.

Stay tuned over the weekend to see what will be on sale.

Can’t wait to see you there!


❤ MGx

My inspirations: Wonderland – Kirsty Mitchell Photography

I love this time of the morning, it’s quiet, still, my surroundings still heavy with slumber and it feels like the right time to let you into a magical place that inspires me, one of fairy-tales without words.

When I was a much younger version of myself I always enjoyed curling up with my Nan as she read from colourful pages of traditional fairy-tales, my imagination a riot of colour and fantasy, only to let loose and run round her garden winding through the fruit trees, behind the shed to the veggie patch, picking berries and playing with the fairy folk… Ever since I can remember and even in to my adult life, I still love any opportunity to escape into worlds and realms where possibilities are endless and the rule book for life as we know it, is thrown out of the window (of a bramble covered castle, high up on a hill and eaten by a creature with fiery breath…).

Wonderland - 'The Fade Of Fallen Memories'

So when I first saw the image above “The Fade of Fallen Memories” from the Wonderland  Series I was instantly whisked back to those safe childhood memories, captivated by its secret garden atmosphere, the details, the woodland setting and that door. I always have an overwhelming desire to open doors that look like they have been locked for eternity, my curious mind wants to know what they guard and protect.

The Pure Blood Of A Blossom The Secret Locked In The Roots Of A Kingdom

My admiration for Kirsty’s work goes way beyond Read More

And breathe…


And breathe…

Occasionally I have to remind myself to slow down, step back and breathe.

Here’s a little picture of a beautiful Cladrastis kentuckea “yellow wood” I took in Westonbirt Arboretum and once I stood underneath it, was reminded to do just that, breathe.
As the breeze blew and the Autumnal sunshine danced through the leaves, I was bathed in it’s golden glow that seemed to emanate from every leaf. So I stopped a while and soaked up the light, listened to the leaves jostling for their place in the sun and filled my Read More

Six Top Tips to a Sustainably Spooky Halloween

Here are 6 top tips to a sustainable and spooky All Hallows Eve with your little ghosts and ghouls from the green frog over at the Rainforest Alliance♣.

“Make your Own” costume is a great idea for saving money and the environment, plus cutting up and decorating old clothes is great family fun!
(It will help reduce all the masses of cheap plastic that are imported from China, used for a day, thrown out and end up in landfill). Paint your face to show off your handmade costume and share your spooky pics with us…
More top tips from the green frog below…

Read More

If you go down to the woods today … an inky rendition

Reblog; Fellow creative and inky illustrator Kate Leonard shares some fabulous and textural photos she took whilst out exploring on an Autumnal spree.


Inspiration for creating art from nature is a great and never ending source, especially with the changing seasons.
I love Spring and Summer for all the great big blousey flowers but as you’ll read here it’s the architectural shapes and textures I love in Autumn and Winter.
Looking forward to seeing what Kate creates from her photos, how are you getting on with your explorations for inspiration?

♡MG x

Kate Leonard Illustration

It’s autumn and I can tell not just by the fact I wear at least 3 layers of clothing before I venture outside (I’m a wimp to the cold) but also because the leaves are falling and everything outside is changing.

 My creative friend Kim made an autumn post exploring and admiring all the seasons woodland findings whilst on her travels ( take a peek here). So taking a bit of inspiration from Kim’spost I thought I’d share with you what autumn goodie I came across after taking a closer look.


(Moldy but still kinda cute)


(I remember doing bark rubbings with crayon on paper as a kid do you? 🙂 )


(As bright and colourful as these are I think they’re more the birdies taste than mine)


( Not much to say other than it’s a pine cone )


(It always fascinates me how birds make bedding out of this,  kind…

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An easy mistake to make?!


Erm, I’m not really sure I’m about to write this out loud in the public domain.

I have unwittingly just poured the contents of the bottle on the left all over my veg for dinner instead of the contents of the bottle on  the right…
So a warning to fellow absent minded folk;

Beware a multitude of green bottles in your cupboard even if they are different shapes and shades of green…

(And clearly labelled).

Embrace You-nique.

So as I type this I’m feeling a little reflective and that is a good thing.

This Summer has been full of sunshine and a total riot of colour and pattern, my journey into the World of surface pattern has opened up so many opportunities to create, share, connect and develop with Read More

Would you like a cuff?


250m of light grey cotton thread, some antique grey fabric dye, water soluble backing, 4 hours of time, a little hand sewing, some love and 12″ of ribbon later – here she is!

For those amongst my lovely Mellowings who follow Mellow Ground on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen a little video snippet of Read More

New things!

I’m like a magpie and a squirrel all at once, I love new things (new things to me could be someone else’s old) especially if they’re shiny and have a practical use, I can’t bring myself to throw it away (although I draw the line at being a secret hoarder, honest…).

So today I’ve taken a break from my new journey into the world of surface pattern design and am making some embroidered lace jewellery, can’t wait to see how it comes out; stay tuned for an update on the finished piece.

Enjoy the Bank Hols!

Sometimes your only transportation is a leap of faith…


It was a cold grey April day as I stood in the kitchen looking through the window at yet another rain heavy cloud, this winter had seen too much of that. And yet the depressing state out side could do little to change my quiet and reflective mood, just like the steam from my tea rising against Read More

I’m not ready; but I’m doing it anyway…

So excited (and nervous!) to be joining the global talent search for the amazing Lilla Rogers and the World class judges she’s assembled to help her.

Could there be anymore kudos than having Lilla Rogers represent you as an artist? I think not!
Find out why I’m so excited here;

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search

Dreams hardly ever come true by sheer luck alone (although it can help) it takes grit, determination and lots and lots of hard work, self doubt and tears.
So whilst I feel far from ready and it’s going to be challenging, I’m going to do this anyway!

☆Giveaway! ☆→→→→→→


Fancy winning some gorgeous upcycled and vintage handmade Jewellery?  Then just repost this pic with the #lapetitegiveaway and tag it @lapetitenkay over on Instagram to be in with a chance, closes Wednesday – Goodluck!

Proud Pickings

There must be so many pictures of fruit and veg floating around on the internet this time of year and I asked myself why I felt compelled to share this pic- it’s just another bunch of fruit and veg, right?
However the overwhelming sense of satisfaction of quite literally picking the fruits of your labour is one that must go back thousands of years. Days, weeks, months of preparing soil, sowing and planting, the never ending battle with weeds and pests that could destroy your hard work in a heartbeat all become worth it when you pick that first berry and it explodes in your mouth with a taste and sweetness that captures Summer more brilliantly than words.
Yes there is definitely something about being able to provide for yourself through using your hands and working with Mother Nature. I still feel amazed, excited and grateful every time I pick something we’ve grown together.


Change Career – Escape to the Woods.

We’ve all done it, sat day dreaming about how different life would be if we made a living from doing something we loved or could start again and pick a different route.

But sometimes the daily responsibilities of running a household, financial security, even knowing where and how to begin can be daunting and off putting.
It is possible to escape the city; Escape to Read More

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